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Steampunk ideas for us "big" girls? Answered

I'm not a size 12.  More like an 18 on bottom and a 22 on top.  Any ideas for steampunk accessories/fashions for women my size?



6 years ago

Toned-down 1980's neo-victorian clothes in thrift shops are a good way to start, or find something Victorian-inspired already in your closet. If your sewing skills are poor, curtains and tablecloths equal large amounts of fabric with the ruffles already sewn on! Ruffled shirts, tailored jackets, and long flowing skirts are a good foundation for your look (bunching and layering those skirts can be fun, too).

A good corset is worth it's weight in gold. Get one that is steel boned and made specifically to support your cup size. Wimpy plastic stays will not support those of us with large chests, and frequently they recommend extra stays as well for the bigger sizes. Take your time shopping and pick something that will become the foundation for your look. Make sure that it breathes, and if it is leather, make sure that it is lined inside with fabric. If you can, get one made by someone who does reenactment (U.S. Civil War) as they actually wear the corset to do work - and so they know how to make them comfortable, Corsets can be for under clothes or on top of them - make sure you know what you want and what you are buying.

Scarves can be used to mimic the apron-bustle look, or to wrap around your head, or for a myriad of other uses. Lace curtains can absolutely rock as accessories. Use your imagination.

You can find a mini top hat at a craft store/toy store/party supply house. Just dress it up with fabric and jewelry. Or find another miniature hat that fits your persona. There are a lot of choices!

I hope this gives you some ideas!

Thanks for the comments.  Can't wait to make/find a corset. Then it's accessorize, accessorize, accessorize.

I've used plastic canvas (the square-holed plastic sheets that you learn to handsew on) to make the stays/boning for my corsets. They are flexible, cheap, easy to find--any craft store or walmart, and still allow you to breathe in a corset!

If you're looking to buy, try www.fredericks.com. They carry corsets in plus sizes. I would buy one size larger if you are planning to wear a shirt underneath.

Also check www.cosplay.com (search: steampunk) or www.brassgoggles.co.uk (a friendly, helpful bunch of SP enthusiasts) for images to get you started on your character/costume quest.

Start with a corset, 'cause no mater which way you go after that (active ware or fancy dress) that's going to be a 'foundation' garment.

Think about your persona.  What do you want to project when someone sees you. 

Isnt steampunk basiclally diy? u can just up the size on normal stuff.

There must have been Victorians who had your body shape, right? That means Victorian clothing can be tailored for you. Then just accessorize for steampunk flavor.