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Steampunk weaponry Answered

Just to discuss all things related to steampunk weaponry (actually I am after some design insight) I'm building a steampunk longgun(micro-sniper) and It will shoot stuff, unlike all the other steampunk guns I can find here. It will be a functional piece, except not utilizing gunpowder ammunition. Anything relating to homebrew loading mechanisms, coils, design, etc would be awesome.


I'm thinking of making something like a drive-stun taser at the end of mine... This site is full of Instructables about shockers and tasers. Isn't this fun?!

You could make that double as an incendiary launching device too(the electric arcs ignite incindairy powder on projectile as it exits the weapon). Good idea!

Bwah! Rube Goldberg meets Van Helsing? It is like when Harry Potter and Edward the Sparkly Vampire somehow made a baby!!

Hewlett-Packard and Erectile Dysfunction, however, is not a stretch by any definition.

Hahaha! I wont question your firsthand experience with that. However, igniting flammable projectiles with sparks in a semi-safe manner in a single step is very un-Rube Goldbergy, that concept is pretty Van Helsingy by nature.


8 years ago

There are plenty of coilguns of various sizes around the site- look on the web for the one that was grafted onto a Robosapien, I believe that had a clever multi-shot loading mechanism.

My reloading system will be pretty interesting when done(its pretty much designed). I probably will get it cut out on a cnc machine.

I can help with embellishment, but I do not agree with working weapons myself.

Where might one be able to find embelishments in the style of stampunk?

Have a look at the projects here - just about anything others see as "junk" can become art. If you're going to use a coil gun at the heart of your project, use brass parts from old clocks and watches (they're not magnetic). In fact, start with one of the coil-gun projects here, and then dress it up with a "shell" of card, epoxy and clock-parts.

In the UK, hobby and model shops stock things like that, as well as larger branches of a DIY store called B&Q;.

You know how often I dislike living in the US? Very. I would much rather be a canadian you know, their country is all woods, and I like woods. Also its not jam packed with consumerist whores(I'm not one, btw). I wouldn't mind living on your island either, loads of nice people with cool accents.

There's "working" and there's "working" - Nerf, K'NEX, rubber-band guns etc.

I'm not playing with toys, I'm using dangerous forces of nature!

I get this mental image of you standing heroically, hands on hips as a raging storm soaks through your lab coat.

Not a lab coat, a trench coat-ish garment that looks like it would be a good addition to the van helsing movie. If I can find a huge fan and some sprinklers, that will be my new profile pic (i'll also put those up on deviantart)

Its not for maiming small animals, I abhor that. It's for flinging bits of metal across the room just for show.