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Steampunked Utensils Answered

I am taking a class for 2 weeks up in Maine (Haystack Mountain School, Boris Bally will be teaching) where we will be will be using the eating ends of spoons, forks and knives to create new utensils with new handles. I would love to steam punk some of my "new" utensils. Over the years I have collected a huge amount of weird stuff that might work so if you suggest it I may actually have it. We will be using cold connections and soldering so anything goes. Any ideas are most appreciated.


How about wrapping a handle in narrow copper piping?

Or use a long bolt, covered in nuts?

 I have the copper tubing ready but was wondering how to embellish it - the idea of the long bolt with nuts is great - is that enough though? Should Steampunky things be attached to the nuts? Such as?

Alternate nuts and loops of tube?

Use brass if possible.

Ideally, you need a large pressure-gauge sticking out of the end of the handle...

Your challenge is to combine genre and usability - whatever you do to the handles must also be comfortable enough to use.

This is all the stuff I made - I loved your idea about the gauge and hope you can find it in the photo.


Oooo, you make me long for my old forge and 'smithy tools again....*sigh*

 I actually have gages too! I had not thought to use them. Great ideas, thank you.

How about gears to use as the business end of a spork-like utensil?  They could make great salad tongs.

Oooo, steampunked electric knife for Thanksgiving turkey!

 Do it! That utensil lends itself so well to the idea of it being steampunked. 

 Now which end is the business end? Oh you mean to make the spork thing itself out of gears.... good idea but not for this particular class, I will file that idea for when I get home though. Thank you.

For some reason, I keep getting this image of a ball-and-claw table leg, only smaller and with a glowing vacuum tube instead of the ball. Neither of those things is right for steampunk proper, but I can't shake the image....

 Use something hot to melt some of the metal, such as a flaming torch, and fuse it with some random metal junk such as nails or screws. Also, add some sort of chain, such as the type gangsters wear.
...Maybe that's not exactly the steam-punk you're thinking of...

...I dunno what you'd think, but that seems pretty good to me...


 Chain... what a great idea, I have some ball chain that is for key rings, I will bring that, thank you! I was going to bring some big thick chain to make some totally useless -tensils that you can't really eat with because the chain is the handle, but of course I could alway solder the links to be stuck together.

 I know, that ible has been on my mind as I gather stuff to take to Maine, I keep thinking that what I make will probably tend to be ergonomic as well as really cool. I guess an ible will come of this, but I still need more ideas.

Don't forget mother-of-pearl inlays and fine wood with filigree carvings all strapped together with iron bands and brass tacks.  And the crystal knob ends.

 Brass tacks I have in my to-go pile but iron bands - that is a great idea too, thank you!

Soldering won't work. Brazing or welding is what you need.


Well we have all sorts of oxy accetaline torches at our disposal at the school and everything that is also available in the iron studio for big time annealing and such, (sorry for the spelling errors). I didn't mean with a soldering iron if that is what you mean. I have my own oxy torch in my studio too.

Could you post a picture of you and the flaming-torch?


 I'm in the middle of making an ible for Columbian hot dogs - crushed potato chips, pink sauce, marmalade, bacon, I can't go crank up the torch just for a photo, can you use your imagination?