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Steel Fabrication Resources Answered

I'm building pedals, a control stick, and collective lever for a helicopter simulator. They need to be extremely robust. I'm looking for resources for perforated steel plate, ball bearings, etc. that I could build my own (think oversize erector set) or a steel fabricator that could create pieces to my specification.



8 years ago

1. Which part of the world are we talking about? 2. Local home centers carry small pieces of steel, aluminum, round and square stock that can be used, depending on if you have the tools to work it -brake, drill press, lathe, welding, rivets, etc. 3. Are there any ironworks near you? Fence and gate fabricators that could point the way to suppliers. 4. What kind of simulator? They do sell flight simulator joysticks and pedals that you could use for a computer. 5. Maybe search on Ebay for real parts out of a surplus helicopter. Getting it custom fabricated may be expensive. Good luck.