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"Step 1" bug. Answered

Just a quickie. I saw this a few hours ago but thought nothing of it.

Step 1 of an instructable appears on the intro page.

Is this meant to happen? Is it a new update or a bug?


I find it annoying as well, I'd like it changed back.


8 years ago

does it really bother you?

why not? it's annoying...

ummm... the step one keeps popping up below the other steps. And when you click on step one, it always takes you to the same step you were just on. That's how...

That part was a bug, and should have been fixed. Are you still seeing it?

The feature is that the main I'ble link gives you both the intro and step 1 together. For paid users, the "View All Steps" is now set up so the icons jump down the big page instead of loading the individual step pages.

yes, I still have the bug.

..and btw, is view on all steps for pro only? Because I can use it...

I thought it was a new feature, but I hope it's a bug.

It may or may not be a bug, but you can search for the half-dozen related messages.

A bug, it's been covered a few times in the bug area of the forums so it should be patched up before long.

it's a bug... this means that there is an upcoming patch :) yay :P