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Step by step settings is needed for Sciphone i68 to use T-Mobile network. Nokia site no longer giving settings. Answered

 I just received an I68 but I can't seem to get instructions for it.  I can call out and that is about it.  My web/T-Zone does not connect, unable to send or receive mms, and no menu or settings buttons to update or add events to my calendar.  I'm able to take a picture but unable to find or send out once taken.  I tried the fool proof instructions only to find that Nokia removed the settings and now instructs you to contact your operator.  Does anyone one have step by step instructions for me?Please help!!!? 


Hi to setup your internet and mms for your siphone airphone or hiphone just go to www.sciphonesettings.co.uk they can send you the settings directley to your handset and the service is available globally.

well i cant even make calls and it all of the suden stops but i doesnt turn off the light just turns off what can i do