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Step into history. Answered

Bravo, Felix Baumgartner!

(I watched this live (along with several million others), and my stomach really lurched at this point.)




5 years ago

I loved watching this, but I dunno why he didn't have a camera on him.

The spinning in the beginning was crazy. They edited out the radio feed of him going "s**t s**t s**t s**t s**t!!!!" though.

I wonder if it will lead to from-orbit descents in the future?

He carried a GoPro Hero2 in a special housing, connect with GoPro on Facebook to see the video (and a LOT of other cool video as well)

I believe he did have a camera on him, it just wasn't live.

The idea of the jump was to work towards workable emergency escape systems for astronauts.

I'm pretty sure he did have a camera on him. Not a lot of footage has been released yet but I heard that a documentary is being created that will be available in a few week. I'm sure the documentary will have footage from a camera that was attached to him.

That's pretty much what we said when we watched him step off the first time.

I watched it a few hours after it happened and I knew he was going to live so I wasn't very worried. I can only imagine how frightening it would have been to watch it live!

We watched it live starting ascent from about 10 thousand feet in. It was pretty cool just waiting for him to open the hatch.

It felt like Goodhart was the man at mission control. Seems the trip up was boring so he had him do the jump checklist a few times. Some drama when his visor heater wasn't working or else they would have to scrub the mission for another few days. Aerodynamics in low pressure doesn't come into play as much as I thought the external cables or hoses would have been ripped off reaching the speed of sound. They didn't put a HERO cam on the guy? I wonder if they taped the zero gravity toilet instructions on the hatch door? Caitlin wondered why didn't they test with a dog or chimp first. Of course, the animal activists would be all over that. Hope that released ballast didn't hit anyone down below.

I am certain there was some genuine fear and uncertainty going on - instructions like "unfasten your safety belt" turned into coaxes...