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Stepper Motor Controller Problem Answered

I recently set up an Arduino Uno, stepper controller, stepper motor, and power supply. Connected the motor to a shaft on a device I`m making and was able to turn the shaft as I wanted.

The controller was a TB6600 that I borrowed from a friend. Received 3 new controllers from Ebay and swapped the new one for the borrowed one. Tried all 3 controllers and none worked.

Any ideas on what`s wrong or should I just return them and buy 3 more from someone else?



1 year ago

How sure are you at wiring colors etc..
Ask your friend..


Reply 1 year ago

His TB6600 worked fine. Mine had the same labels, so we just unplugged from his and plugged into mine. Is there something else I need to do? Didn`t get any documentation with the controllers to help.


Reply 1 year ago

The conclusion is there is bad electronics being sold.
As a last try I would put some pressure on the seller..
He knows what to do or get a bad rating.

BTW I'm an experienced EE and you are doing everything correct..
However I never buy with out a full manual !
And if the cost is low, I would take a controller apart looking for loose wires.

A nice PS that I bought had a crappy wiring but three bad controllers is pushing credulity..