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Stepper motor light test? Answered

Hi. I wanted to know that do all bipolar steppers give result to light test? I found many steppers that seem fine but do not give result to the led test. I am confused weather they work or not.



Best Answer 3 years ago

It is Not true that led will light on any two wires.

On a 4wire motor you have two wrong and two correct choices, so at worst luck you will need to try three patterns.

Motors with more wires will take more wrong and correct choices.

When you turn a stepper generator it puts out low voltage AC, so the led orientation does not matter.

I used a Red/Green two lead led and one motor could not light the green led.


3 years ago

What color led did you use ?

I would text more but u don't give best answers .....

Srry about that. I used red, blue and white led. I connected them to the wires in all combinations but when i turned the shaft it didn't light up. I heard from someone that all bipolars don't give result to this test. so that's why i am confused. again sorry about that.

Individual Red leds have the lowest forward voltage of all colors.

Red leds would best be able to light on a low voltage stepper motor.

I recommend using only one test light as a first try.

I heard from someone that though some motors don't work with these lights, they will work using a stepper driver. Is that true?

I tried with that but still they don't light. What i want to know is that do all bipolar steppers work for this light test. Cause otherwise i have to discard all these motors