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Steps to setup routing for VLANs of a layer 3 switch connected to a home router for internet access? Answered

I have been searching the web for detailed steps on how to setup routing ( static / NAT ) for vlans ( Virtual LAN's) created on a layer 3 switch that is connected to a wired/wireless router at home for internet access to all the vlans thru the switch.   It would be convenient if it includes detailed explanation combined with diagrams, IP address information and steps to followed on each device and troubleshooting steps in case of issues.


Why do you need separate vlans and layer 3 switching? You can do vlans easily with a firmware hacked router, but not layer 3 switching.

The latter is an advanced networking technology that is usually only implemented using multi-thousand dollar switches in a large scale enterprise environment. There should be no need for L3 switching in a home environment. Your router should do everything you need. L3 switching is implemented to save costs and avoid buying a costly router for internal communications. This allows you to buy a lower cost router for your WAN connection only and leave all internal communications to the switching.

Why not just connect your router LAN port to a regular layer 2 switch and connect all of your wired devices to the switch? This keeps things very simple and easily manageable.

And we know all the details how?

Instead of being sorry, the missing details might acually help you to get a working answer ;)

I don't know how you actually set ip all up, but I usually try it this way:
Syncronise all connected computers using a time server on the net or by manuall setting the same time on all machines.
Assign IP addresses to each computer that are within the range or the router.
Use the same Homegroup settings for all machines.

Setting it up with completely seperate subnets is not an easy task and usually requires actives hubs and switches, mostly used for business stuff.

Both, thanks for your valuable inputs. Someday there would be a nice doc that would explain the steps found on this site.


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Gee it is nice to find an "old school" person ! Who like me is displeased with the Chinese not including a technical manual with the 9 thousand different products they sell each day over the WWW.

So you and I, have to use our own ingenuity or ask someone else to use their explicit knowledge to avoid test buying a product wearing a technical blindfold.

May Thor strike and crush them with their cheep ie Low cost products that change weekly.