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Stereolithography Peachy printer style 3d printer Answered

Simply I'm an RC hobby enthusiast so i have alot of servos lying around I was wondering what would stop me from using a couple of them to control the X&Y axis for mirror alignment when using a UV laser for 3d printing or something like a write head on an old HD?



4 years ago

You should check out the specs of your servos to see how finely or accurate they can be controlled. I think you would need better than the 1 degree resolution that standard R/C signals will do. There is also a response/move lag with servos so things might be slow. Stepper motors are infinitely more accurate. I'm not sure about how a hard drive write head is used in SL.

Jack Danielscaitlinsdad

Reply 4 years ago

steppers will probably be the rout to go . And after some thought my Idea for the HD arms would work because it has the wrong type of movements.