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Still looking for a way to convert old coleman stove to dual fuel? Answered

I was wondering if anyone can tell me the difference between the older coleman stoaves and the new dual fuel stoves. What do I have to change to use unleaded fuel in an older stove. Thanks jack


as far as im concerned you cant change any thing to make a older coleman stove run off both camp fuel and unleaded gasiline but you could call the coleman companey and ask them if they sell parts to convert your older coleman stove to run off gasiline here is ther number 1-800-835-3278.

Could you reply to the two comments posted on the previous question you asked? People had a go at this, but if you don't give feedback you're not moving forward, just starting again. L

I have been having problems with PC. I hope no one feels left out, I will reply to all. Thanks for the comment. Jack

It's not about people feeling left out - since some people have tried to answer this you should reply to their comments and work with them from there. Posting the thing twice again isn't that likely to give you the answer you want through a 2nd / 3rd time lucky approach. L