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anybody here play the stock market? Tell us about your strategies, companies you think are about to do really good or really bad, your opinion on shorting stocks, anything stock related! I havent invested any real money yet but i play facebook fantasy stock exchange and I invested all my 10 million dollars which they give you into Ford Motor company when the prices were 1.92 per stock. The stocks are now 3.36 and im waiting for this bailout to get approved... but so far if i sold all of my stock i would make a 6million dollar profit which is pretty good for a first timer i guess.


i play the futures market (okay its PPX) but when i was real hot and heavy for it i had about 1/2 a million dollars. I havent checked it in about 8 months. I started off with 125K.

lol, my brother is a big business kind of guy, he plays the stock market. I think he wouldn't like you, he says that if there's one kind of people he can't stand is people that blindly throw money into the stock market and get lucky. If I have a suggestion (just by looking at my brother) i'd read several books before investing. So far my bro has made a decent amount of money, but it's not really yours until you stop investing...

well, i'd have to dissagree with you because i thought alot about where to invest my "money". I invested in ford instead of google(which i think im going to buy some stocks in them soon) and other companies because the last time Ford stocks dropped this low was right before several families became VERY VERY rich.


9 years ago

I have a lot of money in stocks and investments of assorted types, most of which is CSCO stock from employee stock options. As a result, my "net worth" is about half what it was back in march or so, and, oh, 1/5th of what it was back in 2000 at the height of the bubble (CSCO > $80. Sigh.) I don't claim to know what I'm doing, but it seems I'm far from alone. I had one broker who kept saying that the major indicies were very over-valued, and he expected them to plummet "any time." That was back in the early 2000's, before the Dow made it's big run-up from ~8k to ~14k. Perhaps he was right, but... rather early. More recently a different brokerage essentially threw up its hands and said "we give up; invest in index funds or similar." That was about a year ago, rather shortly before things started to "go bad." According to a 3rd broker, now is looking like a really good time to buy bonds. A 10y Ca municipal bond (double tax free) is yielding 5%, equivalent to over 8% once you consider tax issues. I am buying some (more) bonds...

My dad took a chunk of my savings and put it into Marriott and Starbucks. I'm not really worried about either right now...it'll be a long time before I look at selling.

I don't play the stock market, but I do own a few shares in the company I work for :-)