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Stop-Motion Animation Help - Which Program to Use? Answered

After watching Rejected (PG-13 for language, simulated gore) by Don Hertzfeldt, I was somewhat inspired, though getting inspired from a film like that might seem a bit strange. Anyway, I want to make a short film just like that: crappy, incredibly insane, and pointless, though I won't use much (if any) bad language. I have tons of paper, and yes, I understand that it will be one helluva lot of drawing. I have a camera and a tripod, I just need to know what program to use that will let me put it all together, with sound. Would Windows Movie Maker do it, or Flash? I'm on a really low budget ($0) so buying a program is out of the question. Any help would be appreciated!


oh i used another progs of geovid it was more comfy and simple...i advice it to all of you!
http://www.geovid.com/ here all info
i hope it can help!
GLuck and Marry Xmas=)

Unless you're doing something really fancy, Windows Movie Maker does a great job.

Check out my time lapse instructable

Time Lapse

I used the freeware demo version of movie salsa... You can only do 50 frames at a time, but you can then put those into windows movie maker (also free :p) and compile them into one coherent moviefilm -- see my examples of that very process in the instructable ;)

Movie maker did indeed work (just set default image speed to .125 seconds) - it worked for me on a short 30 frame video test. BUT, windows movie maker has a complexity barrier. A certain amount of images (apparently random - likely depends on certain memory parameters) will cause the render to fail. Doing batches works, movie salsa makes it easier and doesn't put any watermark on ;)

Again, this is free... I don't care if anyone thinks WMM sucks (it does - but you get what you pay for), but we're on a budget. Software isn't easy to return once opened... Cameras on the other hand - just look at The Blair Witch Project, those cameras were returned to the store once filming was done (there's a reason "project" is in the title :p)

If you want to pay -- which you don't... But here it is anyway.... Apparently quicktime pro ($29) has a time lapse feature built in... That ought to do you quite well. You can probably buy movie salsa for around the same price :p

Pinnacle was mentioned.... but, you're paying for it....

It's freeware and specifically made for easy stop-action animation. You can hook it up to a webcam even and make things even easier. Has a function where you can "preview" what your animation looks like so far... Give it a try and tell us what you think! I've done some stop action using Nonlinear editors (such as Sony Vegas, After Effects, etc) and they are A PAIN for animation- stick to a program that's intended for it. additional cool-factor: try animating clay figures with it :D


10 years ago

don't even think of using windows movie maker, your not able to shorten video clips enough to do stop-motion. There is a beginner-intermediate level program that includes a lot of cool features, it even has a built in chroma-key (green-screen). It is called "Pinnacle" and is about $50. I use this program very often in school and it has the capability to make a professional movie.

I've used After Effects, but you have to pay for it. You just dump in the pictures and you're done... mostly. Instead of regular paper you should look into tracing paper.That way you can see the previous few frames of animation. It's helped for me, anyway.

There was an instructable using a whiteboard -- the program in there was good. You wouldn't want to use EITHER Flash or Windows Movie Maker, IMO. iMovie -- maybe... but euh... That program was good ;-)