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Storing Digital photos? Answered

What is the best way to store digital pictures? The dates are usually automatically downloaded in a date folder using Windows Live Photo Gallery. I would like to be able to access them easily however they are taking up room on my laptop. I've considered CD/DVDs or uploading Shutterfly, Flickr, etc however not really a permanent solution.   


Don't just store them, back them up. Moving the pictures from your PC to disks then deleting the PC pictures isn't a good idea. Its not a backup if you only have 1 copy. Also no single backup is a permanent solution. CD-Rs and DVD-Rs will degrade over time. Any number of things can happen. So it best to have a 3 step approach.
  1. Have a local copy
  2. Have a copy stored away
  3. online backup
I have my pictures on Picasa as my online backup, I have a backup drive attached to my PC, and i maintain a backup drive that sits in a water proof/fire proof safe. This summer i'll make another backup drive of the pictures and leave it with my parents when we go to visit them.

Eventually drives fail and disks go bad. Even flash drives will fail. If your house burns down or is flooded then any on site copies will be destroyed. So having multiple copies around as well as copies off site and online will help ensure you won't loose those precious moments.

Just remember there is no permanent solution.

I am not very familiar with Picasa. I know photobucket, flickr, shutterfly, etc. Is Picasa similar to these?

Thank you for the info!

Not having any permanent solution in sight I think is the most challenging, in addition to finding a storage spot that is safe and free of deterioration or damage, as mpilchfamily pointed out. Very true!
Thank you


6 years ago

Here is a cheap and good NAS. Couple it with a wireless router and your notebook can link to it wirelessly. In addition it can work as your own "cloud" meaning that it can be accessed from anywhere on line. 2 Terabytes of storage is a lot of pictures.

I use the windows file explorer for my stuff. There are a lot of other programs for making your own albums and things like that but often those programs move things to places you can't find or even changes the file format to something that can only be read by that program. The file explorer gives you complete control over everything and is on every windows and DOS based computer..

Picasa from Google it;s free.