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Storing Elastic Cargo Nets? Answered

Anyone know a way to store those elastic cargo nets that look like a spider web made out of bungee cords? The net always gets twisted around & through itself and the hooks do their best to make sure it stays that way! The best way I've come up with so far is to stretch it out on an old towel, piece of tarp or something similar that's about the same size as the net and then roll them up together like a giant Taquito. But that's pretty bulky, especially if you have several. Better ideas?


How about a 5- gallon plastic bucket and some plastic or cardboard separator disks?

Place a net in the bucket , then place a separator disk on top of the net,
then another net, then another disk., etc, etc.

You could even make holes or slits around the separator disk , or some such scheme to fit the hooks into , so they are kept from shifting around during transport.


4 years ago

I shove mine into one of those reusable grocery totes, fold the top over and clip it shut with a large office style spring clip.


4 years ago

Use a NIB magnet strong enough to hold all of one net's hooks together and then put it in a plastic bag to keep the magnet from collecting debris filings and stuff.

The bag cab hang on a pipe or truck trunk ie anywhere.


Pull the net through a suitable tube - A bit of drain pipe if it is large. It will pull out easily.