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Storm Drains Anyone? Answered

I think that Storm Drains make some pretty awesome bunkers, anyone else agree?



7 years ago

Well, that looks pretty gross, probably smells even worse. Not so sure if I'd get in there. Anyway, I probably wouldn't even fit in there.

what sort of bunker?


I don't now that But I do know someone who's dad called them sue-ellen.


It might work temporarily or in an "emergency", but I wouldn't make it my permanent shelter.

But the tidal wave from the first blast would flood the tunnels. And besides, you would always be running from that fireball that shoots down the tunnel from the exploding gases trapped in there. And you would have to beat off the sewer rats and other zombies that inhabit the dry spots.

But if you're fighting Velociraptors, it's on a linear area, and a shovel would do the trick!

I found an open strom drain hatch but havent gotten round to exploring it yet