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Storys of your life. Answered

Share a story of the cool / funny / dangerous and just plain stupid things you have either done or heard about !


One summer I had purchased several large sets of mortar shells for the 4th of July. These are the ones that come with a cardboard tube and 12 shells that you light and drop down the tube. A charge fires the shell about 70 feet in the air, where it explodes in a very pretty display.

The carboard tubes tend to break down, as the lifting charge has quite a punch., So I built my own using PVC pipe.

All went well until I had fired several shells, and by then the PVC had warmed up and become soft. The sharpe of the barrel became distorted enough to constrict the flight of the projectile.

The next shell that lauched only got about 30 feet high, exploding close enough to scare the daylights out of me. Luckily I was unharmed.

I rebuilt the laucher using steel pipe.

I definitely was better than the PVC, from a durability and safety point of view.

Well, I was at this really awesome city and they were selling slices of pie. There was a LOOOOONG line. I didn't know anyone in it except my friend who was ahead of me. Then out of the blue, this kid, probably 5, came up to me, made a growling noise, and licked my arm. :P

:D Yep! That was a very strange incident!

Nothing interesting has ever happened to me, and I suspect nothing ever will. Weep Wail.

I remember fondly the day I learned how to pluralise "story"...

lol not quite what i had in mind, example,pouring gasoline down a drain and lighting it(No i did not do that!)things like that...............

We did this:


You don't have any then?


I dont have a story that would be worth the time it takes for me to type them,what about you?

I'll think about it for a while...