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Straightening old oil lamp glass shade metal ring? Answered

The lamp is 19th century. The metal ring has bent over the years and the three spokes have come away. First need to unbend the outer metal ring, and then find a way to fix the 3 spokes (have tried soldering, without much success). If anyone knows how to repair this or someone capable of doing the job well, this would be very useful.


I refurbished soe old lamps and you have one massive problem: keeping or getting back the old patina after repairing it.
In almost all cases for a proper soldering or brazing you need to clean the metal to a bare state.
I found acid core solder as used by plumbers works great on most metals even where the resin ones totally fail.
From what I see on the image there is at least some copper involved, but is it all copper or are the shade parts made from brass or even tin?
Based on the patina I would say it is a soft brass but very hard to judge on a single pic without my hands on it.


2 years ago

You neglected to mention the material involved.

Brass? Bronze? Iron?

If solder doesn't hold, you may need to drill small holes in the ring and the supports, and use hardware, preferably of the same material. If the ring is thick enough, you can countersink the holes on the top, and use flat-head machine screws. This way, the glass can sit flush. Small cap nuts can be used without detracting from the look and character of this terrific old piece.

After you read slowly, I believe the missing metal should pop up :-)

Yes, metal matters. Soldering will only work on very clean copper, brass or bronze, Brazing works on all those, and iron and steel.