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Strange Planet Answered

Life is very weird.
But it makes sense, consider the the physics and the atomic properties of the materials constitute existence. There are few materials as counter intuitive as good old H2O. Water is so strange, yet is a chemical we deal with everyday. It's what makes life possible, but as Neatorama explains, water is a very Funky Fluid.

Oh, hey, I'm sure many of you have heard about the dangers of Dihydrogen Monoxide too. Just take this as my warning in case you haven't.

-Photo by: Liquid Sculpture, check them out for some beautiful drop photography.


What I find really interesting is, water is NOT H2O, it is actually H1.5O!

Hi; could it be that water requires there be 2 hydrogen atoms which makes a total of + 3 electron charge, each hydrogen atom has a net + charge of 1.5 but only 1 electron, When Oxygen joins the hydra group it shares an electron in a slingshot orbit from one atom to the other this equals out the charge Hydrogen is always found in a pair or joined to something else

just like natural salt having to be formed as 2NaCl because Cl doesn't form in singles

I saw a sight about the dangers of DHMO. I believe that there were a couple trying to get rid of it in their community.

DHMO is certainly dangerous, but let's not forget about the terrors of bread

Ah I remember that one. Some of the reactions were priceless.

I am surprised that someone has that much time for a whole web site . Does someone need a life ? Really , really well done .LOL . I think I need to make an MSDS up for work .


9 years ago

well one could drown in it, but you'd have to have a decent amount of it though. I guess water may be a double edged sword.

Got me for a second there.

horrible stuff, dihydrogen monoxide teehee i get it

Those water drop pictures look so good.... I wish I had a camera that took better macro shots...


9 years ago

oh dear god, i just spent about 5 minuets reading that Dihydrogen Monoxide website until i actually thought about the name..... i think i've just been pwned :(

Lol, I love talking aboutDihydrogen Monoxide

That stuff is deadly. It causes more deaths each year then any other compound.

Wow! Interesting water splash!

This is cool.


9 years ago

Woah!! Thats some cool stuff... :D