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Strange problems with the mouse and keyboard? Answered

Must be bad karma for the new year but both my mouse and my keyboard are playing games with me on the PC.
Of course they are wireless, mouse is a Logitech, keyboard some very old Aldi brand.
After many years of good service they started to fail at the same time.
And yes, I tried fresh batteries several times with no luck ;)
Here are the current symptoms:

1. Keyboard
Randomly keys I press fail to show up although the blinking on the receiver indicates an action was received.
When typing a bit faster, and for me that is the two-finger-best-hope method a lot gets lost.
My speed is slow enough to make a bad typist laugh in tears LOL
In some rare cases I also get totally wrong results, usually somethe graphical character that otherwise need and ascii input to appear.

2. Mouse
At times when the keyboard plays up the little rodent does the same.
Here it means the pointer disappears or moves in jumps.
Also mouse clicks on let's say a tab in the bowser often grab the tab or are not registered at all.

It is now starting to annoy me, mainly bcause I failed to rectify this problem in any good way.
Only system change in or before the problems started was the usual Windows 7 monthly update, but that came about a week before it all started.
To make things worse the mouse uses Logitechs old wireles tech while the keyboard is in a totally different frequency and as said dirt cheap.
I also fail to replicate the problem consistently or find a common cause.
Funny thing: If used on my old Nexus tablet both perform just fine even from over 5m away.
Would love to hear some thoughts on things to try or check...
But so you know:
Tried the drivers, different ports relocating the receivers and even a rollback of Windows to a state from Nov last year.
Everything else connected to the USB ports performs fine.
Am at the stage where I even accept weird things to try, so fire up please!



Best Answer 6 months ago

Check for interference from some other wireless source. It is even possible that the two ended up on the same channel and are interfering with each other. We ran into a problem with this in a school computer lab years ago. They wanted to use wireless mice but there were a limited number of channels and when one person used a mouse 3 desks down another persons cursor moved. What solved the problem was the kids started stealing the batteries out of the mice so the idea was junked and the wired mice came back. Logitech has now mostly solved the problem. Every one of their wireless units is paired to a receiver by an ID code. I think it's like a MAC number. So each connection is unique. However they will still cause interference with other wireless units sometimes and for that the solution is to move the receiver to a different USB plug so the wave pattern is different. Also we found that some keyboards will block the signal from the mouse and you need to make sure the keyboard is not in the line of sight connection of the mouse to the receiver. BUT the best thing now is the unifying receiver that Logitech came up with. One receiver can be paired with many many units. Keyboards and mice and tablets can all connect to one receiver. You program it by pairing it with each device with software. Once that is done the receiver keeps everything straight and knows which unit is which. It works great. It is backward compatible to some older models so sometimes your old mouse can be linked into the receiver, but it depends on the model.

After a lot of shuffling around, messing with cables and so on I found the culprit!
Turn out my new and fancy smart TV is not really smart when it comes to producing interference.
Tested to confirm with a BT speaker and some pairing actions using phone and tablet.
Everything within about 3m of the TV is doomed.
Even tried my Logitech K400 on the TV and instead of getting a range of around 15m I only get 5-6 at max before the thing plays up.
Only thing still puzzling me is that only if the TV is fully shut off the interference is gone, if left on standby it still messes with my wireless devices.

In a typical ironic thing, shortly after writing this answer I couldn't get my computer to boot. It stopped at an early point in the BIOS and I was thinking that the board was dead or the BIOS scrambled. Turns out it was the little unifying receiver. It went bad and stopped the whole boot process. Had to dig out my spare to get my keyboard back working.

So you are saying that I shall upgrade to unified so the next problem stops my entire computer.... ;)
You only need a gizmo to solve a problem you would not have without it ;)
But am now considering to relocate some stuff so I can use a wired keyboard and rodent one day.

Mouse is old style, just before the unifying ones came out.
Keyboard uses something in the 430MHz range if I read the faded sticker correctly.
So they should be well apart both for frequency and transfer protocols used.
But interference is something I might need to explore further as the crap happened to both devices on the same day and the both work fine on tablet and old PC.
Will play the old shuffle game later and see if I find something, not in the mood to build a radiowave detector today ;)

This is one of the better, maybe the best, Logitech mouse that is available now. It uses the unifying receiver and the batteries last forever. I mean it is amazing how long the batteries go for. You tend to forget that it uses batteries because they go forever.


Well, my batteries last close to a year in both, so quite happy there.

|I had the same problem with a logitech mouse it seemed to be operating several seconds behind my demand. In the end I gave u and returned to a wired mouse.

Replace they are cheap enough - sometimes you just have to go with the flow!.

+1. I was a big fan of wireless accessories back around 15-20 years ago. But with their cost being so high, failure of batteries so frequent, and always seeming to happen when least convenient, even with the chargeable ones, I went back to wired around 2007-8 and haven't looked back. I need my kybd and mouse to work uninterrupted by a sudden "your battery is low" and discovering I don't have enough (or the right type) batteries to replace, or having to wait an hour for the rechargeable type mice to fill up enough to use the devices..

Funny thing is they both work fine on the oldtimer running XP and on the tablet.
But on the big PC all other USB crap like webcam, hard drives, data transfer to phone and TV box work fine.
And after years of making no troubles at all: Pretty big coincidence for both to start failing on the same day...
There must be something I am missing.


6 months ago

Ghaa, that is a hateful, I suffer with you...

What if some worm used to make people up grade is tunneling in your PC.

But then understand I'm typing this on a constructed for me XP..

Ill be watching what happens..

Best of luck.

I hate to suffer from unknown electronic gizmo sneezing....
Got a pack quality brand name batteries, nope just a waste of money for low energy devices...
Deleted the entire USB stack and let Windows install all fresh from scratch, what a relief the problem is still there....
Had a beer, did a lot of swearing and moving cables, power supplies and switching USB ports again - fun but still random fails...
So sick and tired of going back to add missing characters everywhere...
With the great moral support of a really cold blonde I downloaded a small Linux something on the stick.
Apart from getting into a lost world even there ghost of my input devices haunts me, again a waste of time and beer LOL
But that means it must be the hardware, so take it all apart, clean it and remove the dust while re-plugging and cleaningevery single connector on the motherboard.
Cleaning does wonders but does not remove ghosts I noticed :(
Debunked a very old pentium with an old XP still on it and set it all up in the kitchen.
After some driver hassle and searching for wired replacements the damn things perform just fine.
Receivers right next to each other and up to 5m away - no problems at all.
Means my USB is somewhere stuffed on the good PC, right?
Very old PCI USB card later with a total driver nightmare for an unknown thing from the past they still hate me!!!
I have the receiver now directly in front of the keyboard and still miss about 10% of what I type.
Starting to consider USB extensions under the carpet and wired replacements soon...