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Streaming VGA from a PC over IP to an Android or iOS Tablet Answered

Needing ideas on how to stream the VGA output of a PC over a network so that an Andoid or iOS Tablet can be used to monitor it remotely (in the same network) by accessing the IP address.  I have a machine at work and  I want to remotely monitor the screen.

Looking for ideas either on ready-made off the shelf components/software or ideas on how to build something to do this.

I have done web searches for such equipment and everything that I have found seems to be enterprise level (read extremely expensive)


1.  This is for video only.  Sound is not necessary.

2.  Also, this needs to be on the output side of the computer and software running on the host computer is not an option as the machine is a DOS machine.

Any thoughts?




Yeah, I found Tiny after jasit posted about an RDP client. However, I will need to see if Tiny will interfere in any way in the operation of the system. I will test it out and see. Ideally I would love to find (or build) something that is hardware which connects to the VGA out. Thank you both. Will let you know what I find with Tiny.

Maybe this?:



4 years ago

use a rdp client, works on android, iOS, Mac and other computers, best part its free