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Stretch lighted columns for a wedding? Answered

Does anyone know an easy/inexpencive way to make some stretch lighted columns? I would like to make a few for the backdrop of my wedding, but not sure of a good way to go about doing it. And they are way to expencive to go and buy. The ones I like can be seen at http://www.stumpsprom.com/prom/Luminescent-Pedestal-Column.cfm?caid=1044059
I would like if at all possiable them to have the ability to collapse down for easy transport and storage. Thank you in advance for any help!



Best Answer 8 years ago

Try this -
No welding or cutting of metal needed. You can make the pole as long as you need. You could even make the pole adjustable by using a pipe that slides into the base pipe. A floor flange at the top and your round "hoop" to carry the fabric and strings of light. Would be pretty stable and easy to move etc.

When we have made lighting towers at school, we have used a fabric that is like spandex, I'm not sure quite what it was, but anything stretchy and slightly translucent should work. Since it stretches, it looks better because there are fewer wrinkles, and it is also easier to see the light through. Then, just put Christmas lights on the inside, or if you want it fully illuminated, play with other kinds of lights to find what works best for your situation.

I have sets of led string lights from ikea (warm white) that look just like that. Then you just need a table, and wrap it in stretchy fabric.

These pictured, appear to be smaller columns wrapped in tiny lights, or LEDs and then there appears to be a frame over it with the cloth draped over that.


8 years ago

well if they're not being used as a table, maybe you could hang them from the ceiling. Then you could just use a circle cut out of cardboard and somehow attach string lights then drape fabric over it.