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Strike Anywhere Storm Matches Answered

where can i buy some strike anywhere storm matches? how much do they cost?


na he's talking about these. you can get them at any camping store like REI or something.


all of the brown stuff is the like jet match lol

We can get the "Strike Anywhere" matches in grocery stores here in Florida. An old boy scout trick was to take the matches and dip the top 1/3-1/2 in melted paraffin to make them waterproof. (They also burn better and make better ignitors)

to make it more water resistant, you would need to dip the whole head into the paraffin, you just have to remove a little bit of it at the tip to strike it without leaving a wax streak on whatever you are striking it on :-)

Since they can be struck anywhere (concrete blocks, rough rocks, sidewalks), even that's not much of an issue. Of course, if you're using your pants zipper (an old trick even when I was young, circa 1960) you might want to scrape some off first ;o)

. Candle wax makes a good lubricant for zippers (a little goes a long ways). Used that trick several times.

Well, go ahead then...hope you don't light your pants on fire. Those match heads have been known to break off or fragment during ignition...

More of a problem if you're lighting it on your teeth, I can't imagine burning phosphorus behind your lip being very pleasant.

This is how "hot pants" were invented LOL

Or your teeth.....different trick, same era ;-)

. Never been a problem for me. It does leave a residue, but that doesn't seem to affect subsequent strikes.

. Paraffin (wax) works great. You can get it where they sell food canning supplies or just use candles. You can get bulk candle wax at hobby/arts/crafts stores.
. Melt the wax using a double-boiler. Wax IS flammable (especially if you get it hot enough to vaporize, hench the double-boiler), so be careful.

yeah i tried that with kitchen matches and it works really well. the longest i ever got a match to burn with wax on it was 34 sec, without wax 14 sec