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Striked out names... Answered

OK, I've decided to ask: does it mean anything? Or is because the users included the text formatting symbols in their username? :-/


I've seen 2 members like this, and both were banned. the first guy was banned for having a pornographic avatar... the second guy got banned for vandalizing collaborations...

nope, pure accident I was looking at people's comments and stuff...

Maybe they're banned ? Dunno ........

I wondered that too. =) but I've seen some "notable" members like this...

Struck-through names does mean it's a closed account. Who has an active struck-through name?

Dunno, but I "miss" some members who're now striked (out) :D



Crap, ~ RocketScientist2015


~~Rocketscientist205~~ Booo!!! Saw 'em off!!


The master of all, except of the "strike out" technology ;oP

Thou hath insulted me!


Four Eyes!

wtf filter face?? hat doesn't make sense...

What's that soup strainer under your nose then?

Makes you look like a baleen whale!

Bah!! What do you call that pitiful excuse for hair that abominates your scalp?'

on my head, it is called "lonely" LOL

With my present avatar, I am not surprised ;-)

a bit of topic, but can i borrow your soup strainer? its spaghetti night

as kiteman said, your head will do

can i borrow the strainer? im making sphagetti today.

in spite of rocketscientists deranged rantings, the true masters are

tech-king and oscar

Double Bah!!
You and your animated lab coat are but dirt beneath my feet! You do not posses the time-warp technology that renders anything of yours USELESS!!

yet, despit this suposedly antiquated technologie, we still stole all your wifes. and not only is our electronic know how better than yours, we are superior in all respects. and we dont need your time warp technologie to be all dominant.

Bah!! Bhur truacánta teicneolaíocht anois iarmhar radaighníomhach gan mhaith; mo tráth-spás stang teicneolaíocht mórán uachtarach!!

fine. so its come to random languages, fine. you americans cannot handle frecnch. bwahahahahahahahhahahahaahahahahahaah meme des adjuvants, comme labot, ont panique et partie. suiver les, retourne chez toi. t'as perdu. oscar et moi ont gagne. on control tout, et y'a rien que tu peux faire.

ohh, and i forgot: do you see how your accents all got deleted and messed up? had you mastered the preview buttons technologies, it would not have come out so ugly and illegible.

we dont need your time warp technologie

It is just "warped" anyhow.

Weissensteinburg: Click the preview comment button in order to check your formatting before you post. It'll stop you from looking like a fool ; ) Touche, 8:13AM both posted (-;

That was fantastic!!! Please never delete those comments.... Priceless simply priceless. :)

Click the preview comment button in order to check your formatting before you post. It'll stop you from looking like a fool ; )

*sticks tounge out and fingers in ears, jumps about with a silly hat with bells on*

I think it's when the account has been locked.