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Stripping parts from household devices Answered

Hi I want to build a lot of the things on this site but right now I cant just go and order the parts online as where I live I either get ripped of on the price of the components  or on the delivery costs the last time I ordered parts they came to just under a tenner but it still cost me nearly 50 quid to get them in my hand so I'm looking for some advice on what kind of devices I can get different parts from the ideal thing would be a site that has a vast list of devices and what kind of components would be inside but I think such a site is very unlikely so hopefully somebody here can help me with the ones I'm looking for now I want some servos and micro switches.
I have striped two microwaves for the micro switches but they didn't have the kind I was looking for the activater (sorry can't spell) was a push button rather than the lever and striped a few things for the servos that I figured would have them but they were just normal motors with cogs set up to act as the gears what I'm looking for an actual servo. I have no RC cars left as they all had the set up I just said so any thing else that you can think of that would have them in a normal house with a crap load of kids toys

Thanks in advance


See my Instructables most of the tech ones are on salvage.

Just start picking up old electronics wherever you can find them. Not many commercial products use servos other than RC cars, helicopters and planes. So i fyou want servos then you'll have to buy them. But old printers are a great source of micro switches and stepper motors.

Just scrap any and all electronic junk you can get your hands on. Second hand stores are great places to find older electronics that will have many useful parts. Learn to ID the parts and desolder them from the boards and maintain a good junk box.

Thanks for the reply have been striping everyting I can get my hands on tried three printers for the micro switches but they all had auto set Ups for the paper jams so no micro switches will have to look around for some older ones like I said I get ripped off big time when ordering parts online and no place near me to just buy them will have to make a list and order a few 100 quids worth of stuff so the delivery cost doesn't seem so bad and then have a good selection of old and new components. Dose 90% of RCs have servos as I stripped one of the kids and t had some weird set up can't see how it could even steer only seems to point both wheels out at the same time but anyway they have one more that they use with the remote but i don't want to take it apart without knowing for sure it has one and that i can get it back together again for them

We are talking good quality RC cars that cost a lot of money. Ones that adults will build and race. Not the kids Tyco RCs. Those just use a couple of DC motors and a controller that varies the speed and can run them in reverse. So there is one motor driving each side of the toy like a tank would drive. Nicer RC cars use a servo to drive the cars searing. Nice expensive RC planes use servos to move the various control surfaces of the plane. Now there are those $200 USD robots you can get that use nothing but servos to articulate the robot. But it's cheaper to buy the servos new.

For micro switches you really need to look at electronics from the 80s and early 90s. Now days things use optic switches rather that a micro switch. Old computer mice will have good micro switches in them.

Thanks for the reply didn't know it was just top end RC that had servos learn something new every day think I have a few old mouses someplace will dig them out of the pile
Thanks again for the reply's