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Stunt dummy. Quite awsome. Answered

I just wanted to show off the dummy that me and my little brother made last night, its quite realistic(for coardboard), we used wire coat hanger on some of the limbs to restrict their movability so that it acts more realistic, we then coverd the coardboard fram in news papers, and taped it all down. last we added some clothes, and threw him down the srairs. It was magical.

EDIT: video is up!!!
Youtube vidoe



11 years ago

Haha that's awesome! What are you gonna name him? Buster's unknown 2D anerexic cousin?

(in the tune of i like candy) i love mythbusters i love mythbusters

lol yeah. ive been shooting him with random things all day. Its an amzing way not to spend any money!!! haha (BOOM!) ~Twisted

dude the video was so scary it was quite so i turned my volume up and then you came and screamed I liberally jumped out of my seat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh by the way post soon


Reply 11 years ago

Yeah definetly make an instructable. Just a quickie, it's obviously not too complicated.

There already is one. But its not by me. Search for "cardboard stunt dummy" pr somthing like that. Glad you all liek it ~Twisted

Well done. I thought it was a person standing at the edge of the house, and I was awaiting for that person to throw Buster II off the house. Then the "person" fell off. Awesome.

Thats awesome! I am so glad kids and their brothers are still doing stuff like this rather than playing Halo2 24/7. Good work. Maybe make an Instructable for the dummy. -Nick

The video makes the dummy look like a real person..pretty cool

Oh. I thought you had gotten a new job when I read the title. :P Can't wait to see the video. How much does he weigh?

LOL. gee thanks. umm he weighs about 15-20 pounds. (Thats a rough guess) Its been alot of fun so far, throwing him of balconys and such. haha. Does anybody have any creative ideas regarding what I should do with it?