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Styer aug a1 Answered

Try making this while I'm in france.


if you need any help, ill try to recall what went where.

*supposed to be a sarcastic emoticon. didnt work (Y)

hey i want to know how to make that curved mag that u posted 1 time somewhre could u plz email or just tell me email me @ jackeduponamp@gmail.com thanks!

is this gun made by god or j-chode!? :D!

god. i just forgot to give him credit.


10 years ago

this thing looks awesome!! I once held a real steyr AUG and this looks pretty much like it I'm also working on something bullpup but its toploaded and a fully auto MG... still need a trigger system and front end of for it:P


9 years ago

see good thing i told you to built it its gona be a popular gun

I thankyou very much for the idea daz. I shall mention it in this foum, as sadly i cannot post it for unknownreasons.

Ok I will start to build and mod this soon....I guess tomorrow....

I could try...when I finish posting my sniper.....


9 years ago

God, you have a talent.. mine is target shooting, yours is making knex guns that look EXACTLY like the real thing in no time at all - and i dont see anyone else with a magazine behind the trigger !

*cough*dsmans sidearm*cough*

And the magazine doesn't work on this. Still, it's a nice gun.


9 years ago

You nailed everything perfectly exept for what tech-king said about the length from mag to trigger, which may cause the same problem I had with the L98 where my arms were stretched so far that it was very uncomfortable, maby not. I would give you 5 stars if you didn't change, and 5 if you didn't, either way looks awesome.

length from magazine to gun trigger is way too long. otherwise, nice.

Sadly yes. You can build it once I've posted instructions, the mod it a bit. I'll be greatful.

Most definately, ill try my best :) When do you think it'll be up?

As soon as my sister apologizes for breaking my camera.

At the moment, I CAN take pictures, however they are all very fuzzy.

This looks exacly like it!!! POST!!! :D

Why do people only look at the pictures? I see stuff like this happen all the time.


can't wait...

Give me a week to make instructions.