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StyroBot Answered

Check out this excellent StyroBot that Kevin Kelly of Geekdad built from five years' worth of accumulated styrofoam packaging.

The project was inspired by Michael Salter's museum pieces, and proves that just about anyone can make awesome giant robots -- it's just a matter of imagination, and collecting enough styrofoam.

Anyone up for a styrofoam robot build night?



9 years ago

now make it have the ability to shoot flames!!!!

it would melt its self on topic I hope you didn't make all those cuts outside and ruin the environment ahhh < just kidin ] I'm not like that. great work dude

lolz, im pretty sure though that the foam is supposed to show something about the waste or w/e. I mean, through our lifetimes, we could, as a consumer nation, prolly have a small tactical force of foambots per household.

an army of foambots... yes, i can surely take over the world with them...

i sucks when it gets really hot..... *Sizzle*

One small criticism: the nearest shoulder (the robot's Right shoulder, ie stage right) seems oversized, while the head seems a bit small in comparison. Now, maybe it is camera angle, but if those two pieces could have been switched, it might have looked more proportional (maybe they didn't fit well that way too, I don't know).

That's not bad design, its part of the robot's "armor". The giant shoulder plate (who's name escapes me) protects from swings at the head. Somebody's crappy fan art supports my claim below.


I think the word your looking for on that giant shoulder plate is a brassard (sp?). Atleast I think that's the word your thinking about.

Thank you sir, I believe that's it exactly. Somebody correct us if we're wrong.

Well, I still contend that, even in your picture, his head is not way smaller then his shoulder LOL

It does look a bit odd, but other robots have that, presumably to hold weaponry or perhaps an oversized drive motor(/hyraulics?) for heavy lifting. The tiny head, presumably, presents a smaller target to enemy StyroBots. See Mech Assault:


Nah, that kid has dwarfism, he is 2ft tall.

That's still a three foot tall robot! It can kill.

XD I just burst out laughing in the school computer lab!


9 years ago

Now someone, grab the acetone...

wt munghell

OMG I have got to start spending my time with computers elsewhere(I was in my room when I saw this I fell back and fell on my bro's lego basket and also his old robots he got as a present in the past,OUCH that hurt!) *BTW it took five min to write this because I fell told my mom and came back with an ice pack all at the same time........*

amazing, oh holy crap i just realized how big it was i just saw the kid standing next to it. I had seen something like this currently at the Andy Warhol museum in Ohio looks good give it a steampunk paint job!!!!

thats so cool im amazed what glue did they use i mean most glue would have melted it

You can buy glue designed for Styrofoam; it won't melt it like many other glues do. I used a ton of it gluing Styrofoam panels to my basement walls for insulation.

Interesting. I'd laugh if someone dunked it in gasoline.

lol watch as I make this whole robot disappear into this little cup with this mystery fluid in it

watch as I make this whole robot disappear into this little cup with this mystery fluid in it

and then harden to a small solid mass...

yeah, a drive-by spray paining of it would horribly mangle it , for sure....


That is awesome. A build night would be sweet. You could have every guest bring all of their unused Styrofoam packaging.

Awesome! If only I had the space....

that is freakin sweet


Very interesting