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Subscribe to me and I will Subscribe to you, Just leave me a comment! Answered

Title says it all =)

VVV random pic I took VVV



7 years ago

What's up?
Watcha been doing lately?

Nothing too much.
Been playing with TRs and NARs and stuff, getting ready for a small war with my friend after he finishes his guns.
Hanging out on ibles, facebook and KI.

How bout you?

Not to much. I've been writing lots of music. And Speed Solving, And working on my secret knex project :)


You should PM me some pics :-)

 Ibles is turning into youtube, one step at a time.

i hope the next step is getting rid of the be nice policy. te he

ive been subbing for a little while now


8 years ago

hey! lol

Hey already subbed you =O

"Sub 4 sub" is a lame system.  I'd just try n earn em the hard way.

Just get off of my forum topic if you can't be nice.

I'm not being mean, I'm making a legitimate point.  Shadowninja has elaborated on it, but it's much better knowing you earn your subs by making good quality work instead of just subscribing to get the same back. 

I know what you mean, but it's not that big of a deal to click a button, It's the choice of the people if they want to subscribe me like some of the people I talk to a lot.

Earning them the hard way though is better. It means they actually like your creations. Subbing someone to get a sub doesn't mean they like what you make. In fact, most people sub the people who have the creations they like already. Meaning people that want to sub you, probably already have.


I already subbed,sub me!

How about everyone stops making stupid "sub me and ill sub to you" threads. people need to stop begging for attention if you want attention make something good don't make a stupid thread.