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Subscriptions - spoiling the surprise. (Hey, Rachel!) Answered

Yes, I know this is, technically, feedback, but I thought other people might want to know about it as well.

Did you know that anybody that subscribes to you can see all your projects, not just the published ones?

If you did, good for you. I didn't, and now it turns out that quite a few people have been peeping at projects that I may not finish for some time, if at all, and all without me knowing. One recent planned project I had high hopes for has just had a setback today, and now may not happen. Subscribers may have been looking forward to it, and I may now be disappointing people without being able to prevent it.

I'm not saying that anybody who subscribes to me at the moment would spoil the surprise for other members, but there is always the chance that somebody could spoil things. I think many of you reading this will know the kind of person I mean, even an actual example.

That means that there is at least one surprise project out there (not one of mine) that could be spoiled by what is probably just a line of dodgy script.

So, if you are planning any surprise projects, don't start writing them up yet, unless you have no subscribers, and if you are reading this and able to fix the bug, please, fix it quickly.

UPDATE: Link to proper "feedback" thread


Kiteman, shame you can't tell, as far as I know it's only ones you made since they subscribed because I was suddenly getting comments on unpublished 'ibles, thankfully the top secret ones are hidden for now, I'm not completely sure about it all though since there was a comment made on a test 'ible but only by one subscriber of mine who may have been on before then...

I've just had a look around my existing subscriptions, and I can't see things I used to. I wonder if it's fixed?

. Now all the iBles showing up in my subs are published.

Seems so, I asked Adrian to have a look at mine, all the unfinished projects are invisible again.


Go to a published version of an ible of yours. Go to the stats box, click subscribers, it will display whom is subscribed to you.

Why did you remove the original question?

I strikes me that some valuable members may not be able to check who is subscribing to them because they haven't got a published project (remember how long it was before Goodhart produced an ible?).

. As a workaround, I think it will work if they create a dummy iBle, but don't publish it. This won't work if the subscription is for a specific iBle, but it appears to me that all subs are tied to the user. Worth a try.

. Create an empty iBle but don't publish it. . Or start a topic.

OIC! To see who is subscribed to you. I thought you meant to keep people from viewing your unpublished ibles...I was sitting here trying to figure out how that would help, lol.

. If you can't run with the big dogs, you need to stay under the porch. heehee

Rsssssssssssssssssssp :P Just misunderstood what the point was.

Hasty thing, which didn't work due to fast replies! ;-)

I don't subscribe to people. This is ibles, not myspace

I feel it makes it easier to keep up with friends projects....


subscribes to kiteman to check his unpublished.

no, i seriously subscribed to you, but unsubscribed 5 seconds later

Hmmmm, I could see this being exploited in many different ways....
Not cool...
Lftndbt runs off to check Kipkays unpublished to steal his ideas"

Ahh... But peeking was so fun!

takes a clear marble and a piece of paper...

rolls paper into tube and adds marble, creating peep-scope, peeps through curtains...


Dearie me, I am glad I moved a few things off site...

Lol, I just went through and removed some... =D

oh dear... does this count for collaborations also?

My thoughts exactly, and yes, it does.

yes, i just double checked that. Not good, good thing the member in questions isnt 'super' popular. I cant see it on the collaberators pages.

. A Private checkbox, such that only the author and collabs would be able to access an iBle? . . Subscribing to users is a nice feature (I just started using it today), but I can see where it may not be good to see everything. Eg, it would have made keeping the t-shirt project impossible to hide from Goodhart for so long. . There's some potential for abuse, but I would hate to lose subscribing to users. A few controls, such as a private checkbox, should nip a lot of abuse in the bud. Maybe even a "Don't let these users subscribe to me" list.

Just keeping unpublished projects from turning up in subscription notifications would solve it.