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Substituting the AS119 diode in an aviation receiver.? Answered

I have a 118MHZ to 136MHZ aviation receiver KIT I purchased on ebay. TheAs119 diodes have been replaced with !N4148s. I know these are wrong. Can anyone suggest a substitute for the AS119.
Thanks Ken


Hi the AS119 diode can be replaced with a 2AP9 , i have been looking for a replacement my self , but have not found any thing yet .

Hi copterman. I narrowed it down to 1N34 or DO-7. I purchased them on ebay for about 10 cents each. I have not had time to use them yet but I cant see any reason they won't work. Good luck.

Can you post a datasheet link ?

I found the original circuit, there doesn't seem to be anything special about where it is. I thought, being radio, it needed to be super-fast, but the schematic showed otherwise.

Thanks for that. Its a shame we cant get locally made kits (or anything else for that matter) in Australia and have to rely on Chinese translation to try and get the kits together. Thanks again. Ken

Hi. I cant find a data sheet on it either. I read it was an obsolete part and I get the same answer, it being an IC AS119-12. It is written up as a diode in the instructions

Thanks I'll keep on searching to see what turns up.

I have it the part number is wrong, it's not an AS119, it is an AA119 Gold Bonded Germanium Diode.

You can get the datasheet here: http://www.maxim4u.com/

It took me a bit to find it in my component lists.

Not sure why 1n4148 won't work in that circuit.