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Subwoofer Setup Answered

I want a kick ass area in my house for a subwoofer. like to hook up to a computer or mp3 player. is there a way to hook up a subwoofer to a laptop?


You'll need to hook the laptop to an amp. then hook the sub to the amp. A laptop doesn't have the power to drive a sub.


Depending on the amp, you might also want a crossover, unless you are going to eq the signal in your computer so that it just has bass coming out.

Personally, as someone who dabbles in professional audio, I would never dream of using just a subwoofer without a horn as well, but if you really want that amateur bass heavy sound... go for it! :)

As Re-design stated you would have to have it hooked up to an amp which then powers the sub.

I personally have a RCA cable hooked up to my stereo which then goes to a 3.5mm headphone jack which I can then plug into my, laptop headphone port or my iPod. There is even an instructable here that talked about turning a car subwoofer into a in home use speaker


Hope this helps.