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Subwoofer lost its "WOOF"!!! Answered

So i purchased a pair of 800w 10" subs at a yard sale for 20$.  They were cheap so i assumed they were faulty but figured i could try fixing them. So i get them home, hook them up to an amp and nothing happens... until i place a little pressure on the cone and  thump thump thump, they work... and they're heavier and hit better than a pair of 1200w 10" Sony Xplodes i have... until i let go of the cone.  I'm reading things about blown voice coils and what/not and was hoping someone had an idea how to replace one. Or if my problem sounds like something else all together.  Any ideas DIY'ers???



8 years ago

They are warped. If it was a blown voice coil it wouldn't work if you pushed on it, unless you were so very luck to push it in just exactly the right way to complete the circuit.

Still I would guess they either they are warped or dirty and you are moving the coil over enough that it can produce sound.

Check the the leads actually are making contact with the coil.  You can do this with an ohm meter.  It should read something under 100 ohms.


Answer 8 years ago

Thanks for the advice, i'll dig my multimeter out asap.