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Sugar Bush Squirrel Answered

Sugar Bush Squirrel is a real, live Eastern Gray Squirrel who is owned and photographed by Ms. Kelly Foxton. Rescued, as a baby in her nest, from a tree which was being cut down, she is now living the 'good life' with Kelly in Boca Raton, Florida. A small, lime-green parrot, named Rio, is her big sister and constant companion.

Being an International Superstar and The World's Most Photographed Squirrel, Sugar Bush loves to dress up, and has over 2,000 outfits with matching hats and accessories. Sugar Bush Squirrel has her own, posh studio with an elaborate stage and thousands of stage props, and has posed for over 5,000 photos since her modeling career began.




lol. "eh, Vinny, wheres tha money?"

Some one misinterpreted "dress that squirrel for diner". ;-)

zomfg that's sooo.... uncalled for? haha are we a bad influence?


9 years ago

I dunno, dressing animals up has always seemed bizarre (yes, in a bad way) to me. I do recall seeing this squirrel a couple years ago.

zomfg I can't imagine a big demand for squirrel actors is she by chance the water skiing squirrel?