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Suggest A New Life to Give an Old Digital SLR ? Answered

Can anyone think of some hacks I can do with an old Canon 10D SLR digital camera?

It's been siting there in the closet for the last 2 years... I like to put some use to it.


I would continue to use it, if it still works and you have lenses. I currently use a 20D with great sucess. If not, you could give it away/donate it to a school.


8 years ago

1) Post to PKM
2) ???
3) Profit!

Seriously, there are quite a few DSLR projects on the site (bokeh filters, tilt-shift lenses, intervalometer shutter timers and such) that it would be perfect to do on an old camera you aren't quite so fussed about breaking.

If you aren't worried about flying debris you could always try a Minty Strobe...

my dads cousin has a system for taking high quality time lapse pictures, very complicated system he has though, based on some cannon dslr camera though

I still use mine, you coukd use it as a test bed for lens experiments and such, maybe throw together a remormte use system for it and that would open loads ofrojects, or you could be really nice and give it to me...