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Suggest Food Subcategory: Vegetarian & Vegan Answered

I am torn by having to choose either "Soup & Stews" or  "Vegetarian & Vegan" when publishing entries to the soup contest. 

What Vegan/Vegetarian food wouldn't fall under one of the broader headings?

The first Instructable that shows up when one searches specifically for 'Vegan" is from January 9th...so I would guess that the search is driven by the highest level category rather than the content.
(Unless there is another way to search...)

Would it be possible to have a subcategory so that all veggie dishes could be classified as such?


I'm confused. There is a "Vegan and Vegetarian" channel within Food, and has been for a long while. When I do a trivial search for "vegan", the very first hit is from March 2010.

There are many, many, many vegetarian and vegan dishes which are neither soups nor stews. My favorite (from Millenium in San Francisco) is a wild-mushroom pate. Half of the recipes in a good stir-fry cookbook are vegetarian/vegan. I don't think Edible Arrangements(TM) would classify any of their products as either soups or as stews.

It is up to the Instructables author to choose the category and channel they consider most appropriate. If you want to classify your I'bles as something else, that's your decision. If you want all of your I'bles under vegan, then it is your responsibility to classify them that way. You can always go back to I'bles you've published and change their channel or category if you change your mind.

Quick clarification...

I know not all veggie dishes are soups and that not all soups are veggie...what I am suggesting is that a soup, should it be veggie, come up for a search for either. All categories would also have a tick box for Veggie/Vegan.

Hmmm..Edible Arrangements, maybe:

Food -> Snacks & Appetizers -> Vegetarian & Vegan
Food -> Desserts -> Vegetarian & Vegan (if it has chocolate)
Living -> Decorating -> Edible : )

What you're asking for is mutliple channel classifications for a single Instructable. The database isn't set up for that, and it's not a trivial change.

Someone will clamor along and ask for Bacon and All Else categories.

But as a cook, I would be inspired from any dish.  If you choose to go "meatless", it would make you a better cook if you knew how to substitute ingredients to replicate an interesting dish. Same argument if you pose the question of labeling or identifying dishes as organic or not.   

If the author uses the keywords with common sense, then those dishes will come up as you suggest. Even if the author just uses the right word somewhere in their title or introduction or description of steps, the search will find it.