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Suggested (future) Pro feature Answered

Just an idea that occurred to me...

Some people produce Instructables that take a long time.  They might want to let people see how they are going.

How about a section on pro orangeboards for Workshop Notes?

Taking the same format as an Instructable (photos, steps, image notes), but showing up only on a pro's orangeboard, and not needing to conform to the usual Ible standards (like "being finished"), they could be a record of the progress being made in a project.

Pros could use one set of workshop notes to record everything they are doing, maybe with a step per project, or they could have a set of notes per project.  In the case of the latter, they could also have the option of, when the project is finished, switching the project from their orangeboard to become a proper published Instructable.

Just a thought.


 Yeah, A workbench notes Idea would be pretty cool. But it might seem a little too much like a payed facebook then. 

I don't really "do" FB, but I don't think the ible format is possible there?

I like the idea of a "notes" section.

On the talk of pro memberships why am I seeing national geographic images all over the front page? They're hideous!!! And the climbers look a LOT like they've been photoshopped on


Obvious shop is obvious! That's awful!

Yes, they are obviously shopped in. I thought we payed for no ads!

Hopefully it means another competition backed by national geographic. If not... damn I hate the front page!

That would actually make sense, because usually they have at least 2 contests running at the same time, and a bunch are ending soon.

I wonder what it would be based on? Fixing something seems to have a fair bet. :P

Or possibly bad photoshopping!

But that wouldn't just disadvantage everyone not in America like most competitions but all of us that don't have Photoshop as well!

Yes, this is true. I unfortunately don't have photoshop, but something similar (Paint Shop Pro Photo x2). I do live in America, though! Yay for me!

CS5 is impressive. If you're into graphics, I would reccomend that you get it.

Nah, Paint shop came with my computer, so that's why I have it. I don't think I would use photoshop enough to make it worth it.

Neither do I, to be honest, but it was a gift so I'm not complaining.

You could just have the usual instructables layout with "work in progress" in the title, Maybe with a way to send an update message to subscribers.

The feature i want to see more than anything is a way to PM all my subscribers in one go. This feature could be reserved for the well known users who have published quite a bit. that way there would be no spam. maybe a one message per week limit or something.

I miss ibles ;( cant wait to come back in the summer

Oh im loving the new look of the site btw, its really cool

Ask Jayefuu for her Perl script on sending the same message to numerous people.

Ahh, what would we do without Perl?

I've been trying to get that in my head for the last 3 months.

It still hasn't set, because that dp looks like a girl to me.

Ahh, so many unfinished projects I'd be more inclined to post if it had an enabling sort of acceptability to it...

.  It might be easier to program if one were given the option to wipe all comments when an iBle is published. That way others could interact during construction without having to create a whole new mechanism. YMMV.