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Suggestion: Contest Vote Counter Answered

So I recently entered the hidden doors/compartments contest (my first), and was thinking that it would be nice to know if people are voting for me... just suggesting the addition of a vote counter (unless it exists and I missed it), not necessarily to see other peoples popularity, but just to see how you yourself are doing.


We actually had it that way for a while, but it led to quite a bit of cheating and vote spamming! We've hidden it to keep things more fair.

And like thematthatter said, votes will typically only account for half the finalists we choose! The other half is chosen by the staff here - that way we're not overlooking last minute and less popular/viewed entries. :)

Thanks for responding so quickly! I can see how people would use that to cheat. I guess I'm kind of glad you guys changed it!

you can change the sort to most popular ( i think that is the name) and it will give you an idea how you rate. from my understanding votes are just a small part of contests.

Thank you for your timely response. I knew the 'most popular' thing and was using that... but I assume it counts favorites and not votes. Still better than nothing!