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Suggestion: Editing Comments Answered

Hey, I got a suggestion for Instructables: allow comment editing.
It just sucks that, if you comment, you notice you made a typo, and thus want to edit it, but the only way by doing so is deleting your old comment, leaving a (removed by author or cumminty request) behind.


removed by author or community request.

Just kidding. This would be useful. But it would make comment moderation a moving target.

I agree! I just wrote this LONG great comment and saw a typo and forgot to select all and copy before deleting the comment. NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

Just make it like Reddit comments. It's pretty damn annoying that you can't fix your typos. All you have to do is include some kind of indication that the post has been edited. As it stands, I have to delete my comment, fix my typo, and post a new comment. That's real dumb.

It's a double-edged sword. Editing comments after posting might be easy for editing typos, but can be confusing (misleading) for conversations / heated debates.


(Unless, it is possible to automatically disable editing on comments that have had a reply?)

That might actually be a pretty good idea and in-between solution.

If it works - I don't know code from semolina, so I have no idea if it is actually possible.

It is possible to do so software-side. Either they have already stored if a comment has a reply, or, as they have stored to which comment the current one is a reply, you need to loop through all comments in order to find out if it got replied to.
As that might be a bit slow to do that for every comment I would suggest some easy filtering for a [edit] link client-side by looking at the tree structure, and then when submitting the actual edit looking through all the comments.

If they use MySQL they could also like select the comments where the reply id is the current comment.

But then again, I am sorry to say this, but some of instructables code is not very good at all, like using multiple elements with the same ID and stuff like that.

I can't comment on that - maybe if you sent an email to HQ about it?

What is 'HQ'?
Also, shouldn't developers check the forums?

"HQ" is "Headquarters", service@instructables.com.

The developers do check these forums, but they are very few, and rarely respond directly.

websites that have ikonboard or other bbs allow editing, even after someone had replied, just have it displayed -edited by (author /admin) on (time) at the end.