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Suggestions Wanted: Ways to Hack a Mini-TV Answered

I have a Casio TV-970D mini TV that is now obsolete in my country (UK) owing to the switch to digital television. What I am left with is a 2.3" colour LCD screen (about the same size as that on a Gameboy Color) which runs off batteries, or the mains, and uses an aerial or a A/V input cable as its source. The A/V cable is like a standard audio jack.

Product detail: http://www.ciao.co.uk/Casio_TV970__Review_5319736

Does anybody have any ideas of what I could do with this? My only thoughts so far were to use it as the mouth for some kind of robot head, since it produces an interesting light show when you plug an MP3 player into the input. My plan was to have it speak messages played from that other redundant piece of technology; the Walkman. I'm also toying with the idea of trying to record video onto audio cassette (crazy, I know, and the picture will be awful) and play them on the unit.

But I'm sure you'll have better ideas. All suggestions welcome.


so, no digital converter boxes work with it?

put it in a stuffed animal, and give it to someone as a gift, or sell it on etsy. they could plug their MP3'S in it like one those ipod dancing speakers.

Maybe look up some of those digital oscilloscope instructables. I guess you have to figure out how that takes in the signal by RF or digital input at some point. Good luck.