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Suggestions for Site Improvement? Answered

Where might I best submit suggestions, beg for features, etc?


I suggest that if an instructable has a website in it, then it automatically needs to be flagged for review. that way all this spam wouldn't go through and hog up my rss feed :)

I don't know the exact triggers for the filters, but my observations are that the presence of links does help trigger them (I've been caught like that).

Another suggestion: to order the searches results by time.

Instructables is –since 2006 when I discovered it– probably the best managed site I know. So, please don't do waves...

Maybe a good initiative could be to add an advice to new posts: "Please add some captions to videos". This is for we the non anglophone, that can read English but no hear it.

Can the display be reworked to show more than 14 per page? There are So many good ideas it is hard to find because page by page by page etc. Change to show maybe 30 or even 50 per page?? Thanks to all for the great ideas and great works!

when exploring the index, look under the last row of displayed Instructables, on the left hand side there is a drop down that will let you set how many projects you see per page.


5 years ago

I can't ask questions using my iPad 2 and there are some other problems with the site as well for my iPad.

I'm having a problem with login.
I'm using the facebook login.
Before clicking the link I have to login to facebook and then close the facebook window otherwise your login returns an error.


I cant really post my comments please help it says enter two words but I cant see those words

Usually when I'm done reading all the featured 'ibles, I go to random instructables. But they are so random :c, there are so many instructables that are not so great. Maybe a random featured button category will work.

Maybe a section for people with "professional" equipment. Too often I start to read a post that says "Build this from scratch!" and then half way through I see "..so I pull out my trusty laser cutter, blah blah blah .." Well 99% of us don't have laser cutters sitting around in the basement. That ruins the fun for everyone at that point. I know it's hard to police the posts, but just food for thought for the future. :)

Is there anyway of have a search facility in your favourites section. I now have over 200 projects marked as favourite to try when I have time but search thought them is a bit of a pain if you can't remember the whole title.


5 years ago

Hello, I was wondering where was the favorite button in the mobile version. If three is actually none, could it please be added?

Thank you

Thanks for letting us know. I can't see it on my version of the mobile site either, a bug report has been started.

I've noticed that the layout of instructables is a little cumbersome at times. That is, the pictures take up the whole width of the screen, so that one has to scroll through the pictures, then read the text, then scroll back up to the pictures. Maybe a way to prevent all of this back and forth flippage is to make it possible to have the pictures and text side by side. One really cool "instruction manual" layout I've seen is on ifixit.com, where the pictures are on the left and the text is on the right. Furthermore, they have a similar captioning system, except that instead of having to hover over, the highlights are color coded with correspondingly colored bullet points in the text section. Perhaps the layout of the actual instructions page needs to be reworked a little to allow more efficient and dynamic viewing.

tl;dr- current layout: thin sliver of screen that is lain out as
next step >>

could be lain out like this:
picture text
picture text
which is more efficient and conducive to a more fluid experience.

The layout is an issue they're constantly grappling with, for sure. They have a legacy problem, though - tens of thousands of projects that were created under a different set of rules, so if they change it, they risk breaking all the old projects...
ifixit looks slick, for sure, but their business model looks pretty different from what they have here. Selling parts vs. advertising makes for a much cleaner interface.

You're probably looking at Photo Instructables, which are designed to be "all photos then text".

Step-by-step projects go picture(s)-text-picture(s)-text.



What browser are you using that doesn't allow you to bookmark pages?

Or have you just not noticed the"favourite" buttons?

I have been using instructables for over 3 years, and i never noticed that freaking small favourite button. But seriously it should be in another place.


What's wrong with at the top with all the other buttons?

Where would you prefer to see it?

I think if it's on the top you miss it very quickly.
I think that it would be better if it's larger and/or in the info collumn

There seems to be a deliberate move to exclude Macintosh users from this website. I really hope this is not the case, however as a Mac user I have always been able to download the PDFs with no trouble. Now I find it becoming a real pain to try to do it. The right clicking only works very little of the time and when it does, I get an html version which is of no value. Why was this changed? I suppose this could be a result of Apple screwing around with their aversion to outside vendors (Java). Anyway, I just had to complain about the latest trouble in downloading PDFs.

As far as I know, downloading PDFs is a Pro feature, so that might be it.

PDFs of ebooks are pro-only, I'm not sure about PDFs of projects.

Here's another weird one (certainly for IE9):

1. Write a multiline comment
2. Use mouse to place cursor at the end of a line you just wrote
3. Fail at last step and try again
4. Succeed in doing so, depending on how close to the last letter of the line you clicked
5. Being curious, try again
6. Fail in reproducing the glitch

Try this:
- Search for something
- Open an instructable at any results page other than 1
- Decide it's not what you were looking for
- Go back (as in back, this works for most browsers)
- Wonder why you arrived at page 1 of the results
- Try to remember where you were

This has been a nusiance for a real while now.

You could sovle this by always opening in a new tab. But I agree with you that it can be annoying.

Stop with the popups. They were dead years ago for a very good reason: People hate them. I personally will NEVER click on a popup ad. Even if it said I won something. See what I did there? ;)

Could you PM me a screen-grab?

A lot of our ads are managed by Google, but there's a condition that they must not be too annoying. If we know the campaign, we can throw something pointy at talk to the Google people.

It's not google. It's an ad for instructibles pro I think. I'm not positive. Can't remember the ad because I closed it immediately. This is without a doubt the best site of its kind on the web. The popups are an unnecessary annoyance. However, I truly appreciate an actual response and it was quick too. You guys rule.

If it's an ad for "pro", then that only turns up when you log in (it's part of the log-in box), or if you try and do something that is restricted to pro members.

Pay attention to what you're doing when it appears - if it appears a lot, maybe you need to turn pro to be able to do that thing? If money's an issue, you can turn pro by posting a cool project and seeing if it gets featured - featured projects earn pro memberships.

I'd like a way to search the questions section so I can find questions that are in my field for me to answer.
Does that exist? Did I miss it?

Type your keyword(s) into the search box (top right at the end of the menu bar), and then when you get the results, click on "graphical search", and then select "answers" from the drop down, and then re-click the search button. :-)

I don't know, if somebody has suggested it before, but what about a next button for patches and achievements?

I don't know if this is a new idea but..............
You know it occurs to me that the Instructables site could use a sort reference section whereby you could find such things as a list of cameras that have a remote socket; places to get materials; workshop tips; don't try this; etc etc.
Right now I am looking for:
(1) The cheapest camera that has a remote socket.
(2) A place to buy large sheets of polarizing film.
(3) A place to buy small glass tiles of a particular size.

A reference area would be FANTASTIC. where to get items or what to use instead of etc would be extra effort for those that know,but even a reader could add something if they knew where to get it.

I doubt that will ever be a part of the site, since what you ask would require an enormous database be maintained on a daily basis.

Instead, you have three general ways of getting your information -

> Start a forum topic about your question.

> Ask a question in the "Answers" section.

> Find a forum or website dedicated to the topic you are interested in.

The first two tap directly into the members' own knowledge, which is broad. Th last will need google.

You know what would be a great idea?
If you automatically organized (or allowed us to do so) our favorite ibles!
that would help so much with my nearly 200 favs!

Are you kidding with the full page, animated Red Bull ad? The contest they are doing may very well be something I would be interested in, but I refuse to click on it since it is so obnoxious.

Having the option to view more Instructable entries at once would make voting in the Epilog contest much easier!

(or is there a setting for that i haven't found?)

You're kind of a weird little troll, what with the cause you've picked...although relatively inoffensive compared to some, I guess.

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If it's a specific request, send a PM to Ewilhelm or Canida. If it's an idea that needs discussing by The Community, start a forum thread with a clear title.