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Suggestions for a great sewing machine?? Answered

I'm trying to get back into sewing again and need to get a new machine. I make creatures, stuffies, monsters, and embellish my daughter's clothes. I'd love a machine that can help with needle threading and the horrible bobbin... stuff. I heard about a machine that has some built-in letters - that could be cool. I don't want a really complicated machine though - I had a Husqvarna Rose embroidery machine and the learning curve (for me) was more than I had time for. It was never used. Any advice is appreciated - Thanks!


Believe it or not.... men use sewing machines too.  I upholstered several car seats.  You don't need to spend any money on a sewing machine really.  Trust me people throw them away all the time and 99 percent of them work perfectly.  people buy them and never use them and pitch them...  You could probably get one FREE off of craigs list just post a WANTED ad in craigslist.  Usually, these machines have almost NO use on them... just need to be dusted off, cleaned a little, and maybe oiled up.  Goodwill stores other 2nd hand stores always have several for sale for cheap.  

Seconding the advice for staying simple.  You can sew 99% of the patterns out there with a simple 8-stitch machine.  And they're easier (simpler) to use and tend to last forever. 

Hard to go wrong with a basic Singer, even the cheapest ones have a 25 year warranty.

I'd check Craigslist or even Freecycle.org before buying new.  People are often getting rid of very nice machines for little or nothing.

I'll happily trade you a 1953 Singer (practically no learning curve at all) for your embroidery machine. ;-)

Stick with something simple, but high quality - You want a machine that will last years, not one with a million features you a) wont use and b) will be more likely to break.