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Suitable Martial Art? Answered

Hi. I've been considering taking up a martial art of some form or other. Only problem is that I really have no idea what it is I'm actually looking for. I've read lots of articles which all pretty much say the same thing: "What do you want to get out of it?" so, I made a list. I'm seventeen, I'm not particularly fit, flexible, agile or disciplined and the things I want to get out of it are (in order of highest to lowest priority):

• to become faster, fitter, more agile and more flexible
• to be able to think more clearly
• to step out of my comfort zone and be more active
• to be able to defend myself if attacked
• a suitable form of unarmed combat to augment my weapons skills (I try to practice western sword fighting from time to time, I'm not too good though)
• to improve my weapons skills

Any ideas would be really helpful, but I would like a logical reason to consider it. Thanks.


For co-ordination and further developement that grows as you become more proficiant, I suggest AIKIDO


or surprisingly tai chi. it's actually a REALLY good defensive technique. (everyone makes fun of it because you move really slow when practicing etc... but it's entire purpose is for self defense and strike blocking....if you ever need to you just speed up the motions and you can pretty much prevent anyone from hitting you with anything)

Tai Chi is pretty cool, despite the way it looks. I've even heard rumors of people being burned by someone using tai chi, but then, of course, those are just rumors...

no, I think you'll find that rumors and lies are on two slightly different spectra. A rumor is a distorted truth, which is most likely what the ones I mentioned are (i.e. tai chi was involved, but the burns weren't directly caused by the martial art). Lies on the other hand, are complete untruths, which are made to hide the truth.

1    [lahy] Show IPA noun, verb, lied, ly·ing.
a false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive; an intentional untruth; a falsehood.
something intended or serving to convey a false impression; imposture: His flashy car was a lie that deceived no one.
an inaccurate or false statement.

   [roo-mer] Show IPA
a story or statement in general circulation without confirmation or certainty as to facts: a rumor of war.
gossip; hearsay: Don't listen to rumor.
Archaic . a continuous, confused noise; clamor; din.

tai chi being involved has nothing to do with the end result. anyone, who has ever claimed to have been burned by someone else's Chi is telling a non-truth....i.e. a lie

Well, or (playing devil's advocate) they could *think* they had been burned by the Chi, but unknowingly be incorrect. Rumors and lies may or may not be synonymous, but an incorrect statement made in good faith is not identical to a lie.

LR, you wrote: an incorrect statement made in good faith is not identical to a lie.

Which MAY be true philosophically, but when it comes down to affect, they are both identical.  One is on "purpose" and one is "because the person didn't have the time, resources, etc.  to check it out first. Untrue is always untrue.  

They are not necessarily identical in effect. For one thing, doesn't it count for something with you whether a person intentionally lies to you or if they just made an honest mistake?

Intent is not irrelevant, which is why we don't convict people for perjury for statements which they truly thought to be fact at the time but which later evidence disproves.

I do believe I said that I would like to stop this stupid argument. Typical normal people, never reading something fully and continuing on regardless (and yes, I do get to call you "normal people" because I have Asperger Syndrome and it sounds more polite than "neurotypical"). No more arguing! It has nothing to do with the topic at hand and only serves to prove how pathetic you all are by demonstrating that you have no ability to give in to being wrong where I have already conceded defeat. We simply have to agree to disagree and return to the issue at hand.

I must take issue with your tone.

It is incredibly rude - offensive, even - to say things like "typical normal people, never reading something fully and continuing on regardless." Your condescension is, I can assure you, not warranted; you do not get to call anyone anything just because you are an (X). Asperger Syndrome does not confer superiority or authority.

Off-topic debating is something of a pastime around these parts, and nobody was being disagreeable. It's very common for users not involved in the OP to be involved in these, and while I have no desire to force the issue if GoodHart does not wish to continue the conversation (he in fact does not appear distressed by this conversation any more than I am), you are not in a position to command anyone to stop conversing.

I don't think they were singing praises to each other.

nope, not singing praises, more like slinging phrases :-)

Alright! For the sake of peace, I am going to say this as succinctly as possible. I apologise to anyone whom I offended with the above comment. I assure you it was never my intention. I get frustrated very easily in situations such as these and I find that what I say tends to take on a tone which I don't intend it to (or at least people misinterpret it). I find the best thing is to avoid such situations as much as possible, thus I am asking, politely, if we can end this discussion and return to something more appropriate to my reason for starting this thread. If you wish to continue debating, I urge you to leave this thread and find another to do it on (or start your own).

I would also like to say that from now on I really don't want to see any back talk emails that aren't relevant to the topic of the thread. This has been going for the past three or four days which really just makes it all the more frustrating.

i really do have to call you out on this, you don't get to throw out what ammounts to a slur ("Typical normal people, never reading something fully and continuing on regardless") and then claim that WE misread your tone.

you really do need to look around this forum a bit if you're going to attempt to use asperger's as an excuse for your actions. you happen to be in a place where there are QUITE a few diagnosed aspies. know what they don't do? act like you are in this thread.

you don't have ownership of anything in the forums, it's not "your post" and you don't get to steer the conversation. if someone wants to take the convo off the rails and talk about swiss cheese and the physical benefits of all those holes, then that's their right, as much as it is your right to post whatever questions you like.

What possible benefit could all of those holes have?! It's just a conspiracy by the cheese manufacturers to cheat me out of product.

Kindof. I suspect the holes are full of CO2 which as most people know, is heavier than air, so... wait, that actually enforces the cheating scandal!

This is an outrage! Collect donations! Lobby Congress! Protest loudly!

I'm not sure I could get much range with Roseanne Barr. Or can I bring my trebuchet?

If you're the guy with that one that lobs cars for tens or hundreds of meters you are certainly welcome to siege their incoming forces with Roseanne Barr.

Or just use the top of a build, no need to life if all you have to do is DROP.

My apologies for the late jump-in, but I feel compelled to inform you that no matter how much you ask, miss Lithium Rain and sir Goodhart are far too deeply involved in this conversation to stop now and based on past observations of their internet personalities, they will not stop unless there is some overwhelming circumstance that precludes or removes commenting.

I really do wonder what is wrong with the world sometimes? I know that humans are competitive by nature, but is that really any reason to spam someone's forum thread with pointless and meaningless arguments, for fun? It's people like that that cause all of the wars in the world (overly argumentative people that is). Day by day we essentially tear the world to pieces trying to decide who's the best or who's point of view is the right one. "Who owns this" or "who came up with that idea first?" It really bothers me sometimes...

Who is to say that debating the difference between lies and rumors is argumentative? Who is to say it is spam? Who is to claim that this off topic discussion lacks meaning? Certainly debate and argument can defined as the same thing on certain levels just as lies and rumors can, yet when it is opinion that defines the core of each sides answer, nobody can be proved or disproved and therefor the discussion will end whenever all the factions decide its over (which, knowing lira and GH, won't be any time soon).

Also, I havn't seen any mention of ownership of physical baubles or intellectual property, and even if there was all the items discussed thus far are concepts that are possibly older than dirt (a debatable metaphor for others to nitpick :P)

The other problem is, when I have an argument in real life, it is hardly what MOST people call an argument, it is a discussion where I "argue (present)" my position, and the other side "argues" / presents their side. Then we work to weed out the misinformation from BOTH sides and meet in the middle :-)

I only argue when the other person turns into a D.A.

And given that LiRa isn't one of them, most, if not all, of this was a simple debate of sorts thus disproving OP.

Well, at least from your perspective.


I have to tell GoodHart.

GoodHart, have you HEARD? We're responsible for the Revolutionary War, the Indian Wars, the Barbary Wars, the War of 1812, the Mexican-American War, the Civil War, WWI and WWII, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Gulf War, AND the War on Terror!

And those are just a few of the major wars our country has been involved in! It doesn't even encompass all of them, much less ones where it had no involvement! Oh my goodness I have so much guilt.

Oh you can have about 75% of ours and we'd have plenty left over for this heat....

I am having difficulty discovering which post of mine that is linked too....

It's not; I replied to timmyboy but assumed you would find it sooner or later...and I was right. XD

Ok, maybe I am just too sleepy (up most of the night, sigh), but I am having troubles making the (ideas) link..... :-)

Competition? *chuckle* rather it is our discussing things to hammer them out and reach a common ground.....a lack of willingness to do this is not helpful on any "discussion board". :-)

It appears that you don't know much about the culture of these boards. Unlike on some anal-retentive boards, on-topic doesn't count for...anything...here. Nobody will get in trouble for going off-topic - never have. Off topic posts are expected; they are a simple fact of life here. Getting angry at people for interacting with the website in the manner which has evolved over the past few years is unproductive.

My deepest apologies Ms. Rain, I wish not to offend your dubious sensibilities but to instead compliment them and set them loose on our enemies who would wish for death by a thousand arrows prior to their tagging and release back into the wilds of the internet, only to be recaptured and flogged relentlessly again with facts.
I'm not sure what your dumb troll recapture rate is, it must be close to 0.

Dubious?! Do you dare to question my sensibilities?! Why, I'll have you know simply to think about considering doing that is to commit a logical fallacy!

(And yes, how did you know my dumb troll recapture rate?!)

I dare say I was not questioning, on a related note, how dare you question me questioning your sensibilities?

It was more or less an estimate based on your ability to beat their metaphorical dead horses into mush the consistency of sausage-filling, and cleanly at that.

t.c. I have asperger's and continued the "DISCUSSION" because it is important that we come to a consensus, or to at very least, agree that we can not understand the subject under scrutiny any more punctiliously.