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Suitable motor for generator? Answered

I have salvaged a Dewalt 9.6v drill motor and I'm planning on turning it into a generator, and I was wondering if there would be anything inside the motor from inhibiting me from of doing that.


I've done something similar.  I took apart an old electric screwdriver, and made it into a generator-toy by putting a hand crank where the screwdriver bit used to go.  Some pictures of this are attached.


hmmm so you think there's no resistors on the inside or anything to stop the flow of electricity

Thank you so much for making that instructable I'll let you know if it works now.

Like Red said, connect your load directly to the motor terminals.  Let us know if you want a picture or a diagram to clarify what is meant by, "directly to the motor terminals".

Yes a diagram would be a extremely helpful, I will upload some pictures. Thanks

Just connect directly to the motor terminals. Otherwise you might be trying to go thru the speed controller which wouldn't work.