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Suitcase Chair Answered

ok so i want to build a suitcase chair. I found an old suitcase on the side of the road and want to make it for my gf as a present. I wanna make it like the ones in the link below. Any tips would be very helpful or could someone point me in the direction of some plans or a guide on how to make it.

If anyone is down to help me ill post pictures a little later today



hope it helps, good luck!

That does look interesting. As I figured when I saw what jtfranson wanted, it would need reinforcement inside to function for more then a few sits, it looks like that could work. Of course, this was posted back in June of 2010.

So the author may or may not still be around.

ooops! i thought it was posted in 2011 ;) my bad...maybe it would be helpful for others :)

Seems that the suitcase is used as a cosmetic skirt for the bottom and back cover. You would actually need to build a chair/bench with a back to fit inside the case. Drill holes for the legs to protrude through. The seat back must follow the angle of the open suitcase lid so it is hidden by the seatback padding. I don't know if the seatback rails protrude through the case on the back. Should not be too difficult to pull of. You just need to realize there should be a full structural seat camouflaged inside. Good luck.