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Summer Camp projects Answered

Hey everyone I am the art coordinator at a summer camp in America and im looking for some inspiration for some projects outside of the traditional camp crafts. SInce instructables is a hub for creatives I wondered if anyone either had some exciting projects that they have perhaps taught at their summer camps or to children from 8-17 years? 

Also-tie dye is obviously a huge activity at any summer camp, for the past few years I have been using Dylon dyes but find they tend to loose their colour after a short time, does anyone having any recommendations of a better product that can be used?

Thanks for any help and advice its really appreciated!


What about splatter-paint shirts?

generally its groups of up to 15 campers from 8-17 years old. Therefore there is a mixture of abilities, sessions normally last 1hr 15mins. In terms of resources they are pretty much on-demand based on the project and we work in both classroom and beach front areas.

Thanks for your advice!

There are a host of "projects" ie experiments that provide fun, wow factor, and teachable moments, from simple all the way up the the more complex (from Food coloring/milk/soap to Kiteman's suggestion)

One that springs to mind is my own Viking Catapult. It will work indoors or out, and at almost any scale.

Otherwise, it would really help if you could let us know more details;

How many kids?
How long should the activity last? 
Indoors or out?
If outdoors,  what sort of environment is it?  Wooded, marshy, mountainous, river, lake?
What sort of resources do you have available?  What sort of skills? 
Do you want a theme to the projects?