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Sunglasses Lamp Answered

This nifty lampshade uses 40 pairs of mirror shades to create one blinged out lampshade for your room. Points are lost for using new shades and for the ridiculous price tag of $1,600, making this a great possible remake project. More points are taken away for the bizarre claim of reflecting 80 times its surroundings.

OK, I know what they meant, but it sounds like this is some light amplifier instead of a collection of cheap shades.

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There were two of these in The Chelsea hotel in Atlantic City at the reception desk. The moment I saw them I wanted to make them.


10 years ago

This is one super looking lamp! With great ornamental value, good talk piece, and of course you could make one that is not so slick and just buy a box of mismatched glasses plastic ones... and you might join them together in any shape... I am defiantly going to be on the lookout for some cheap shades in the future. (like a hive of eighties dictators lighting up your room)


10 years ago

Looks like somebody didn't quite understand the concept of a "lampshade"... :-D Tres cool!

Well, it would "shade" to a degree (discolor too ;-)

to be useful, he would have had to inverted the lenses so that the mirrored end is facing the bulb, but you would be able to see it if you look through, hmm...

artistic, yes, but aesthetically pleasing> definitely not. its hideous.

This sounded alot cooler than it looks, nice idea but it could be executed much better, on 'ibles no doubt...

Those types of shades would allow only a greyish green light through, wouldn't they? I wouldn't want to read by the light :-) Might make for a kind of depressing feel to the room.

That middle shot looks like a future-tech version of a tyre. I wouldn't give it house-room.

Gack, that's ugly, looks like the furnishing from a 70's Holiday Inn.


10 years ago

It looks like they have used one lone earpiece as the pull tab for the switch, which adds a few points back again.