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Super Cheap and Easy WIreless Remote Shutter, Under $10 Answered

I think everyone should know about this.
Its soo easy, never spend more then $10 on a wireless remote for any gadget!



Your instructable needs more steps!

Photos of how you "swapped out the button" for instance.

 i did not want to make a soldering guide.
If you want to swap out a button. take out the button with a soldering iron, and attach two wires to where it came out. then put a new button in its place.

for the most part, you dont need to modify the device at all.

By the way, Kiteman's comment is exactly why your I'ble is not showing up anywhere.  It was held up by the server's automatic filtering system because it doesn't meet minimum requirements.  You should receive a message back from Robot explaining this.