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Super-fast kite-surfing Answered

A new kite-board patent was published in August: a hyrofoil board.

A curved hydrofoil lifts the whole board out of the water, cuts friction dramatically and gaining massive amounts of speed.



Wouldn't one have to be going at "break neck (literally) speeds"?

Speed is the point - you don't have to be going so fast for a hydrofoil to lift you (see those silly waterskipper things), but once you are lifted out of the water, you lose over 90% of your drag without losing any thrust, so that you get much more speed from the same effort.

I see. I was just wondering how one overcame the drag until "above the water", without a decent motor pulling them.

It looks to me like this is more intended for waterskiing or being towed behind a boat. Hydrofoil boards have been around for while, but they are often really heavy, and so not very common.

hmm. It is clever but i can see any variation in board position could have you splatting into the sea..but i suppose thats what surfers like.